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Decrypt the Law, Hack the Threats

Cybersecurity Course for Legal Professionals

We're excited to launch 'Decrypt the Law, Hack the Threats': Your one-stop course for mastering cybersecurity in law. Safeguard your practice, navigate global laws, understand the role of AI and guide your clients in the digital age.

Cyber Elite

Do you want a better paying, dynamic, interesting job?

We invite you on a 4-month journey (3 months of cyber technical sessions + 1 month of HR & career support) with us where we give 100%, and working together you gain knowledge and skills as a Cyber analyst, level 1 but also career support and advice.
Cyber Elite


What will you learn?
At the end of this Program you will have both technical knowledge, at entry level Cyber Analyst, but you will also be prepared to apply for a new job.

  • Cyber Security Basics: 30% theory, 70% practice

  • What about the types of entry level cybersecurity jobs in an organization (Example organizational chart of a Security department in a company)

  • How to think like a Cyber Analyst and work like a Cyber Analyst

  • How to update your resume to reflect the knowledge gained in the Program

  • Cum să comunici , cum să te prezinți la un interviu pt un rol de Cyber Analyst.

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