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Meet your Lecturer

Silvia Uscov

Lecturer Cyber Smart Academy, Managing Partner USCOV Attorneys at law

Silvia Uscov has more than 12 years of experience as a lawyer in a multitude of procedures involving international law, EU law and human rights conventions. Given the impact of new technologies on human rights, she has specialized in recent years on EU and international policies in this matter, including by participating in working groups that support decision-making. She provides consultancy and legal assistance to companies in the fields of AI and cyber security, being also the AI Ethics Supervisor for one of them, and also assisting clients in legal proceedings involving cybercrime. She attended international courses in the field of new technologies, participated as a speaker at Women in Data Science (under the patronage of Stanford University), wrote articles and coordinated authors in the field, and was also awarded for her contributions in Cyberlaw.

Course curriculum

    1. All Participants - Firm agreement (RO-EN)

    1. Legal Disclaimer

    2. Preamble

    3. Chapter 1: Understanding Cybersecurity in the Legal Profession

    4. Malware, DDoS, IDS, IRP, Social Engineering, Dark Web Monitoring, Penetration Testing etc. (11:25 min)

    5. Chapter 2: Key Concepts in Cybersecurity for Legal Professionals

    6. Essential Technical Measures: A Guide for Legal Professionals (8:36 min)

    7. Case Studies: Technical Failures and Legal Ramifications (7:49 min)

    8. How can lawyers help their clients in protecting their businesses in the field of cybersecurity? (5:31 min)

    9. Chapter 3: Technical Measures for Cybersecurity and Client Protection

    10. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity (10:21 min)

    11. Chapter 4: AI and Cybersecurity. AI as a Protective Measure in Cybersecurity. AI as a Weapon in Cyber Attacks. Cybersecurity Risks of AI


    13. Quiz (35 questions)

    1. Preamble

    2. Introduction: Legal Framework on Cybersecurity within the EU

    3. EU Cybersecurity Act - ENISA. Cybersecurity Certification Framework and Schemes. ICT Products, Services, and Processes. Liability (11:10 min)

    4. Chapter 1: EU CYBERSECURITY ACT

    5. Chapter 2: NIS 1 DIRECTIVE

    6. NIS 2 Directive - Key Differences between NIS 1 and NIS 2. Essential and Important Entities. Cybersecurity Risk Management. Reporting. Liability (14:33 min)

    7. Chapter 3: NIS 2 DIRECTIVE

    8. Chapter 4: GDPR

    9. DORA - Key Comparison between NIS 2 and DORA. ICT Risk Management Framework. Threat-Led Penetration Testing (TLPT). Reporting. Liability. (17:25 min)

    10. Chapter 5: DORA

    11. DSA, DMA and GDPR - Intersection with Cybersecurity. Crisis Management. Security of Processing Personal Data. (13:03 min)

    12. Chapter 6: Digital Services Act (DSA)

    13. Chapter 7: Digital Markets Act (DMA)


    15. Chapter 9: PSD2 DIRECTIVE

    16. Free Lesson - The Role of Legal Professionals in Protecting Businesses in the context of EU Cybersecurity Regulations

    17. Quiz (40 questions)

    1. Preamble

    2. Regulatory Architecture in the Field of Cybersecurity in Romania

    3. Chapter 1: National Strategy

    4. The Role of DNSC in Romania's Cybersecurity (7:58 min)

    5. Chapter 2: GEO 104/2021 regarding the establishment of the National Cybersecurity Directorate

    6. Principles for Ensuring Cybersecurity, Competent Authorities and Specific Roles, National Cybersecurity Alert System, Cyber Alerts, Importance of Supply Chain Security, Liability (17:27 min)

    7. Chapter 3: Law 58/2023 regarding the Cybersecurity and Cyber Defence of Romania

    8. Chapter 4: Law 362/2018 (NIS 1 Directive)

    9. What Is TIBER-RO, Test Focus Areas and Phases, Blue Team, White Team, Red Team, Threat Intelligence Team (14:45 min)

    10. Chapter 5: Financial Institutions (TIBER-RO – NBR Regulation)

    11. Chapter 6: Payment Service Providers (Law 209/2019 – PSD2 Directive and NBR Regulation No. 2/2020)

    12. Conclusions

    1. Free Video - Why Do You Need to Understand the International Cybersecurity Legal Landscape? (7:42 min)

    2. Why Do You Need to Understand the Cybersecurity Legal Landscape from Other Jurisdictions?

    3. USA: The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (includind 2.0). The NIST Privacy Framework. The NIST SP 800 Series, 27000 series and NIST's Expansion into AI and IoT. FISMA. CISAA. CISA Law. FTC Rules. GLBA. HIPAA. CIRCIA. CLOUD Act. CALEA. SEC Rules (31:50 min)

    4. Chapter 1: United States of America (USA)

    5. BRICS: Brazil. Russia. India. China. South Africa - Cybersecurity Market, Landscape and Regulations (44:51 min)

    6. Chapter 2: The Federative Republic of BRAZIL

    7. Chapter 3: The RUSSIAN Federation

    8. Chapter 4: Republic of INDIA

    9. Chapter 5: The People's Republic of CHINA

    10. Chapter 6: The Republic of SOUTH AFRICA

    11. Chapter 7: Focus on International Bodies that Impact Cybersecurity Regulations

    12. Quiz (65 questions)

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Free Video - Why Do You Need to Undestand the International Cybersecurity Legal Landscape? (7:42 min)


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